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The Caspian red deer, called Maral in Turkish, is a very beautiful species of deer that once lived in the beautiful forests of Qaradagh, but due to reasons such as illegal hunting and lack of proper protection, this beautiful animal became extinct about seventy years ago in the beautiful forests of Qaradagh.This is not the end of a sad story, but the beginning of a beautiful story and a great lesson for us as humans.

In 1992, Maral once again was brought into the forests of Qaradagh from Golestan province in Iran in order to revive the species, under the name of the regeneration project The excellent environment of this area and the allocation of the protected area made this project have a good result, and the Maral species were perfectly revived  in this beautiful forest.

Maral is now a community-oriented token on the Binance network and pursues very great goals. The first goal of creating this very lovely meme coin is to remind us humans of an important point that we are not the only inhabitants of the planet and we should help our neighbors. Respect and protect endangered animals so that they can live peacefully on the planet like us.

Maral’s other goal is to show its home, the forests of Qaradagh, to the people around the world, so that they can get to know this very beautiful area and enjoy the infinite beauty of this area.

Qaradagh is a very beautiful region in the northwest of Iran, which due to its high environmental diversity is known as the zoo museum of Iran, but unfortunately, for unknown reasons, this living and very beautiful museum is completely unknown to the people of the whole world and even to the Iranian. People of the whole world do not know about the existence of this lost paradise.With utmost  friendship and hospitality, Maral invites the people of the world to its home to enjoy the beauty of this lost paradise so that they can this endangered species.


Maralex exchange is the first actual project of Maral Token. In the first and essential step, in this exchange, it is possible to buy and sell Maral Token with Iranian fiat money, and users in Iran can directly purchase or sell Maral Token. In the second step, Maralex Exchange will carry out many innovations in Iran, which have been such unprecedented innovations before us; Maralex exchange will become the first exchange in Iran that will establish its office in Metaverse and will constantly try to be a gateway for the entry of new technologies crypto to Iran, after the launch of Maralex office in Metaverse, we will start making innovations, and also Maralex will try to solve the problems that exist in other Iranian exchanges. More importantly, the Maralex exchange will significantly contribute to Maral’s economy 20% of the net income of the Maralex exchange will be spent on buying the Maral token and burning it, which is a big help in reducing the Maral in circulation and making them more valuable. It is necessary to remember that in every transaction of buying, selling, or sending Maral, 2% of the number of transaction tokens are burned, and the launch of the Maralex exchange accelerates this token burning. In addition, in all Maral projects that will be launched in the future, such as decentralized exchange and the NFT market, the policy of token burning will be announced from the project’s income with the launch of each project from Maral, and the speed of token burning will also increase.

Our Mission

Maral digital currency as an Iranian meme coin.

Maral meme coin’s goal is becoming the biggest meme coin in Iran and the Middle East, and to achieve this great goal, we as meme coin will pursue green goals as well as our web3 goals.

Web 3.0 Goals

Biggest Persian DEX In the World

Biggest Persian NFT Market In the World

Social Network on Blockchain

Best crypto exchange in Iran

Green Goals

Helping the endangered animals of Qaradagh Region

Introducing Quaradagh and its beauties to the people of the whole world


BUY: 5%





TEAM: 10%


SELL: 5%





First Phase

1: Idea Formation

2:Building Social Network

3: Website design

4: List on PancakeSwap

Second Phase

1: Start Advertising

2: Collaboration

3: List on CoinMarketCap

4: List on Coingecko

5: +1500 holders

6: Start making Maral Swap

Third Phase

1: Advertising
2: Influencer Marketing
3: Setting up MaralSwap
4: Start making Maral NFT
5: List in a Iranian CEX
6: +5000 Holders

Fourth Phase

1: Global Advertising
2: Maral NFT Collection
3: Sarting Maral Show
4: List in a CEX
5: Help aynalo protected area
6: Start making NFT market

Fifth Phase

1: Beginning of making and development of Social Network

2: Setting up NFT Market

Our Partners

Lake View Meta


Soku Swap

Gambler Shiba




Join to Maral Family

Anyone anywhere in the world can join our big family with #maral_family.

Share your photos with the nature of Qaradagh and your meme designs of Token Maral with us.The best photos will be displayed in our gallery and the creator of the photo and design will be awarded by the Maral team.

We are a family Hospitality of the Iranian people since ancienttime Iranian’s hospitality has been well-known all over the world and this trait is one the Maral society’s trait.We don’t have an army, we don’t aim to kill other meme coins, members of the Maral community come together like a family and help each other to achieve higher goals.

They accept new members from all over the world as members of their family and welcome them warmly.We even welcome other tokens that want to join our family

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